Dmuestra logo on dark bakground
Create a logo with a strong symbol for a brand new business strategy and product called "Dmuestra".
Initial Sketches
image of initial sketches of Dmuestra logo
Initial sketches
image of initial sketches of Dmuestra logo
Initial sketches
As usually, I first started the creative process by drawing rough sketches of different concepts on paper. This way I can quickly and easily iterate on different ideas and decide which one to use for further development, digitally speaking.
Dmuestra symbol foundations
Proportions of the letter "D" 
Dmuestra symbol foundations
Letter "D" final distribution
Dmuestra final symbol
View of the final symbol and the concepts behind its shape
After the initial sketches on paper I decided to work further on the idea of a letter "D" distributed as if it was a flower and a group of product samples. Sizes of some parts within the shape of the letter "D" follow a "Golden Ratio" rate between one another. Chosen colours also help the viewer to picture the concept idea (the flower and the group of product samples) behind the shape.
Dmuestra customed typography
View of foundational Font and updated areas
The logo also needed a text, its product's name: Dmuestra. I first started by using an "Adobe Font" (part of "Adobe Fonts" archive) as a foundation which eventually helped me to develop a customed Font style, one that helped me better reflect the actual character and virtues of the product.
Logo Proportions
Dmuestra logo proportions
Different measurements showing the final shape of the logo
Final Version
Dmuestra logo on dark background
View of the final version of "Dmuestra" logo on dark bakground
Dmuestra logo on light background
View of the final version of "Dmuestra" logo on light bakground
Images above show, on different backgrounds, how the final version of "Dmuestra" logo works visually on different surfaces. Unfortunately this version wasn't the chosen one to represent the product in the real market (see the chosen one here:
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